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Little Snippets

While working on dueling laptops.... Facebook chat. ME: Get off Facebook! HIM: You too. ME: I was just checking on you. WRITE! HIM: in a minute ME: *taps fingers* HIM: *taps back* HIM: How do you spell laborious? ME: D-i-c-t-i-o-n-a-r-y. HIM: *sticks out tongue* HIM: *glances over his shoulder* ME: *ducks behind refrigerator door, milk jug in hand* HIM: Hon! ME: *jedi handwave* You saw nothing. HIM: Don't drink from the milk jug! ME: I did nothing. HIM: *sigh* I'm going to die of calcium deficiency. I can never drink the milk again. ME: You can too! You kiss me, so you shouldn't mind drinking the milk even if I might have occasionally - HIM: Occasionally! ME: If you can kiss me, you can drink the milk. HIM: You only drink from the milk jug if you're the only one living in the house! ME: It only counts if you see me doing it.