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Local Appearance!

I am happy to announce that I am a confirmed guest at the Edwardsville Local Authors' Event, part of the library's 100th anniversary celebration! The Edwardsville Library will host local authors 2-5 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 20. We will all be set up at booths to sign and sell books and chat with readers. This is the first appearance I have ever done in my own town. They say a prophet is not recognized in her own village, and my few attempts to set something up here in my town have not exactly taken off. I'm a tad nervous, folks. It would mean SO MUCH to me if you local denizens would show. Drop by and say hello. I might even have NOCTURNE copies on hand (because I know you've all bought SETTING SUNS already, right?). I figure after it's over, we can all go to dinner together or something. Flunkies appreciated but not necessary. I can probably handle the wild crowds of Edwardsville on my own. Dragoncon, on the other hand... P.S. Got the sales reports for TANDEM. THANK

TANDEM reviews!

JERR has two reviews for TANDEM out this week: TANDEM is a good contemporary that gives a perfect portrayal of a feisty and smart heroine in Chris. Reed is a good hero, sexy as all get out, but it is his ability to be comfortable in any situation that makes him a great hero. The camping setup was wonderful and the beauty of the scenes was captivating. The intensity of the mountains was a wonderful catalyst to the drama of the love at first sight. The sex is both hot and develops a very exciting urgency as the couple moves through the hike. For readers wanting a very short but highly entertaining love story, look no farther than Ellora’s Cave Fun in the Sun release of TANDEM. Anya Khan Just Erotic Romance Reviews I enjoy stories that take their time to build up to the flaming hot sex and Fun in the Sun: Tandem did just that. Sometimes with shorter stories the author uses sex as an introduction, because lets face it, there are not many pages to work with. Personally, I really apprecia

Relay Volunteerism

Today I attended the wrap-up session for my local Relay for Life. I'm a team captain, and tonight I turned in the last of the cash and sat down for the annual bitch session: Tell us what we can do better next year. There were many things cheered and a few flaws pointed out. Then I stood up. "I realize this isn't going to be the most popular idea in the room," I said. "This has been a terrific event for us - it's our second year, and the experience has been very positive. But there was one thing I heard from all my team members, and that's how demoralizing it is for the walkers as they watch the mass exodus at midnight. "Relay is supposed to be an all-night event. I've been doing Relay for a long time before I moved here, and this is the only Relay I've ever seen where people leave before it's over. The tents aren't supposed to come down until the sun comes up, but the tent city is like a ghost town by 2 a.m. It's hard for those