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an early Christmas bonus!

I got a little surprise package in the mail today, boys and girls: a pack of real live cover flats for NOCTURNE! Honestly wasn't expecting these - I've been using cover cards. These are NICE, folks. And I'm sure you know the value of a signed cover flat on the collectible market. *mumble* Fine then, the value of a signed cover flat for an author people have actually HEARD of. The smartass in the back of the room can shaddup. :P But hey, you never know! I could hit the big time, right? New York book deals, multi-state book tour, private yacht? Right? Then it'll be worth zillions! *crickets chirp* Okay, so what will I do with all these lovely cover flats? Gift with purchase! From now until the end of the year, anyone who purchases anything off my web site or CafePress shop gets a free cover flat in the mail, personally autographed by yours truly. Postage is on me and everything. C'mon, you know you want one. They're so shiny and pretty. And because I'

Abaddon musings

The editing process is actually a lot of fun for me, particularly when it's been three months since I last looked at The Beast. I'm still dissatisfied with the structure of ABADDON, but it's better than I remembered it. Writing is always a struggle for me now. It's like I know the book in my head, I know what it can be, and what appears on paper always falls short of what I know it could be. That should make editing torture - scrambling to make the work match the book in my head, and always falling short. But with enough distance - a minimum of six weeks - I can feel the book as though it's almost new to me. And there's a lot of good stuff here. It's not the book I wanted it to be, but it's damn close. The only rough part, actually, is knowing how much is riding on this book. If it tanks, I'm screwed. Or at least skipping Go and failing to collect $200. So I drown out the nattering voice chanting, "This book is important can't screw