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I had coffee hour at church today, and you know that means baking time. Look. I have built-in taste testers at home. But they are pickypants pains. Boy has declared he does not like pie. Any pie, any kind. Man is extremely selective and getting more selective by the hour. No peaches, pears, plums, blackberry, strawberry... I’m down to blueberry and apple, and the latter I’ve not made into a pie yet. I make a kickass key lime pie. Man snubs it - “I don’t like key lime.” Philistine. Boy requests more chocolate chip cookies. So when I get the chance to experiment on other humans, I jump on it. I need willing victims! This week’s selections included my trusty key lime pie, blueberry vanilla muffin bread, Clifty sugar cream pie and my standby cheese and crackers, ranch cheese spread, grapes and bagels. Plus chocolate chip cookies, which I apparently will make for every gathering forever. The sugar cream pie comes from the Old Clifty Inn in Madison, Indiana. I was there for a book