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DeCandido Fried Chicken

All of my fried chicken turned out lousy until I tried this method from author and amazing human Keith DeCandido. My chicken was flavorless and the breading tended to be thin and fall off. With Keith's technique, however, I got thick, tasty skin and tender, juicy chicken. I made a few light adjustments, adding onion powder and poultry seasoning; I think I might add a little more sage next time, and Jim wants a variation with cayenne pepper because he's nuts. Also, it helps if you don't drop the cornmeal container and explode half of it across your kitchen floor. Or so I'm told. So, by popular demand, here it is: DECANDIDO FRIED CHICKEN chicken pieces flour corn meal salt/pepper sage rosemary onion powder poultry seasoning thyme oregano buttermilk lots of oil I use a large soup pot to reduce the spattering, but you can use any deep skillet you like. Heat up about two inches of oil. While it's warming, soak the chicken pieces in buttermilk. (I