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dither dither dither

It's been three days since I finished YELLOW ROSES, and I am truly at a loss what to do next. • The Super Sekrit Projekt needs some attention. Low enthusiasm. Best chance of actual ca$h. • There's a short(ish) story that might be a lot of fun. I've never really delved into sisterhood, the true biological sense as opposed to sisterhood-by-choice. I think that story would really draw it out. • The Second Super Sekrit Projekt needs real attention. Like yesterday. And there's a woman out there shouting, "Sanctuary! Sanctuary!" Someone drive her to the cathedral. :) Really, I should chuck it all and work on promoting the editing business. If I'm going to make enough cash to keep my convention schedule, it's not coming from royalties. Or the Cafepress shop. Or direct sales. Wait, why am I doing this again? Sigh.

Abaddon review!

Abaddon is a remarkable book and the Nocturnal Urges series are some of the best fiction novels I’ve read in a while. Elizabeth Donald is an author of superior caliber who crafted a multi-faceted story with socially relevant themes and characters that I will remember for a long time to come. These people were very real to me and I felt genuine emotion for them and for what they were experiencing. One thing to note, this story is a departure from the others in the series in that it is horror fiction. There is no romance in Abaddon as the romance elements were the subject of Nocturnal Urges and A More Perfect Union. Ms. Donald is now an auto buy author for me and I am quite looking forward to more from her Nocturnal Urges series.

Twilight and Thorns

It's heeeere! This anthology is the first offering from Circle Dark Publishing, and with a cover like this, you gotta know it's good. It's an e-anthology, and folks, it looks like my little story is the happiest, most positive story in the bunch. Given what you know about me, what does THAT say? So go forth and buy! Now!