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Mrs. and Mrs.

I remember shortly after Jimmy and I started dating, I confided in my friend Macie about him. Well, "confided" might not be the word. I do believe I bored her senseless with schmoopy declarations of how perfect he is. You know what happens to people when they're in a brand-new relationship. My friend Woof calls it "new relationship syndrome." Symptoms include gushing, random smiling, your feet don't touch the ground and you bore the hell out of your friends. I told Macie all about Jimmy, and she grinned knowingly at me, as most of my friends were doing. I finished by telling her that he was even an Episcopalian, just like both of us. "Do you know how hard it is to find a single Episcopalian man in my age bracket?" I asked her. Macie leaned over and said, "Not as hard as it is to find a Christian lesbian." I looked over at Macie's partner, Gail, and laughed my ass off. "You win!" I replied. In the early years of Jim