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random usefulness for writers

When I saw that Clint Eastwood had the best opening of his career, I mentally kicked someone, because I'm so sick of box office records being made every day because of ticket price inflation instead of "number of butts in seats." In the latter category, GONE WITH THE WIND is still champ, thanks. But this little chart from could be useful for you writers. It lists the average ticket price for movies each year since 1910. Now, take with a grain of salt - the current average price is listed at $7.20. The average resident of New York City or Los Angeles would love to pay that price. So if you're writing about either city, you might want to adjust accordingly. But the chart should give you a little perspective for a historical piece, and is interesting to see as well - those GWTW viewers paid an average 23 cents to get in. Of course, a quarter went a lot further back then. Now if only there was a comparable chart for the price of popcorn...