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A beautiful, fulfilled life requires nothing more than what you already have. Fulfillment depends solely on your decision to accept and experience it, in the moment where you are. There are some achievements that may take a lifetime to reach. Yet at any point along the way, from the very moment you begin, you can know fulfillment. Reaching any goal is a matter of commitment, discipline, intention and effort. Fulfillment itself is immediate, for it is a matter of knowing that you are living true to your highest purpose. Do not become trapped by measuring success based on what you’ve already done or failed to do. Learn to see that success is entirely a function of how you are feeling and thinking and acting right now. Your past cannot hold you back and your future cannot intimidate you, unless you allow it. This moment has every possibility of being the most fulfilling time you’ve ever known. Your life is infinitely more wonderful than any possession or event or circumstance tha

A Serious Holiday Wish

As many of you know, I was diagnosed with thrombophilia last year. I've been informed this means I will never be able to give blood again. This is a great disappointment to me, as I've always believed it is very important for us all to give blood. Giving blood saves lives. It's as simple as that. In case you needed one, gives you more reasons and more ways to help. Everyone who needs blood will get it, but when someone gets it, that supply needs replaced. When someone requires massive amounts of blood to keep them alive after an accident or through surgery, or a burn victim needs 30 units of platelets to help rebuild and heal tissue, those platelets need to be replaced. By healthy people like us. So if you want to give a gift to the world, keep in mind that there are places where these vital fluids are being rationed. Yes...rationed. That means the low-priority patients (and if it's you or a loved one, it's NEVER a low-priority) go without or with a reduced a


For anyone confused by the YahooGroup messages today: • My sister uses autofill in her email handling program. She tried to send me an email describing the Christmas ornament she made with her daughter. But autofill sent to the elizabethdonald YahooGroup instead of my personal email. • She then sent an email to the group apologizing. I snickered and remarked that only she and my mother ever do this. • My mother then sent an email snickering as well. • Only Mom's autofill... you guessed it. So she sent another email to the group apologizing as well. • I have declared that they all need to turn off autofill. Hee. Merry Christmas, mi familia!

TVGeek: 21 Jump Street


Holiday Sale/World AIDS Day

Now that Black Weekend is over, all your holiday shopping is done, right? *waits for laughs* Well, it just so happens an Elizabeth Donald book makes for an excellent gift! And so I'm going to make it very easy for you. My books are on sale! • ABADDON, $7.00 • NOCTURNE, $12.00 • The entire Nocturnal Urges series for $15.00 • SETTING SUNS is also available at the regular price of $13.00. Shipping is a flat rate of $5 regardless of the size of your order. For an additional $5, I will gift-wrap it as well. Order by Dec. 10 and you'll get the books autographed and shipped directly to your recipient in time for Hanukwanyulemas! Also, all orders will be entered into a drawing for prizes! Order by emailing! But here's where we get serious, folks. Today is World AIDS Day, and there are plenty of people from Starbucks to Apple Computers offering their own Product (RED) promotions today. I urge you to patronize those businesses. And I'm going