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Who, Pray Who, Will Save the Children?

I'm torn two ways about the lastest screech-in-a-tornado over Grand Theft Auto and the downloadable porn-patch. In case you're unaware, this ultraviolent video game involves playing the part of a ganglord-drug-dealer-murderer. Drive-by shootings, beatings, drug deals, pimping those prostitutes... all in a day's work for the average 14-year-old boy, right? Click away. Sen. Hillary Clinton has paired with the Religious Right in a campaign to put warning labels on this game, following the discovery that for a free downloadable patch, the innocent GTA player can watch characters having soft-core sex. On the one hand, I am annoyed to find The Usual Suspects in their parade against the oh-so-evil popular culture winning even a single battle. Our poor innocent children must be protected from their vacant-eyed look-the-other-way at-least-they're-not-bugging-me parents and the uber-commercialized world that wants to suck the life out of them through the thumbs and eyeballs. G