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Dueling laptops... BARISTA: Angela? JIM: *grin* ME: What? JIM: Every time I hear the word Angela, I think of The Beast Within. ME: Your dream girl. JIM: She is not. ME: She is too. You first wrote about her years before we were together, and she was so obviously your dream woman. And she was blonde. JIM: But now my dream woman sits before me and she is brunette and lovely. ME: Nice try. Rolling your saving throw there, what do you think you got? JIM: At least a five. ME: Four, maybe. JIM: Well, if we were playing D&D, but in Mage it's a five. ME: That might be the nerdiest thing you've said all month. ***** While packing for the weekend show, I summoned Jim to the bathroom in a panic, as I was in immediate need of solace. I explained to him that I had been packing up my medications for the weekend, and discovered that my pill organizer was too small . "I'm going to have to buy one of those stupid big ones with separate compartments for morning


I'm totally spoiled, folks. Yesterday, Jim did the dishes, laundry and put on a load of towels before leaving for class. Today, as I battled the zombie plague, he went out twice to get me chicken soup and Tylenol, made me tea and Jello, and helped me up and down the stairs when the headache became incapacitating. Totally. Spoiled. Sorry, ladies, I got to him first. Jim: I left the socks on the bed because I didn't know which drawer to put them in. Me: Well, you're just fired then. Jim: *sticks out tongue*