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No cheering please

Witness the story of Shannon Cooper, who was arrested at her daughter's high school graduation for cheering. Apparently the school had requested no one cheer until the end in order to expedite things, but Ms. Cooper yelled, "Yay, my baby made it!" when her daughter crossed the stage. Ms. Cooper was then escorted from the auditorium by police. Um, and then she was handcuffed and placed under arrest, driven to the police station and charged with disorderly conduct. There she was detained for several hours until she was allowed to post a $225 bond and go home, where the graduation celebrations had to be postponed. I have many thoughts on this. Sure, we've all been at events where obnoxious parents annoyed us. I once had to change seats at my son's orchestra concert two times because of parents who would not control their rambunctious toddler (who could not possibly be enjoying the concert anyway; try a babysitter) and a trio of snotty teenagers making fun of th