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Happy birthday to me

First, thank you to all four million of you who wished me a happy birthday. I tried to respond to each message, but Facebook may have had apoplexy. Y'all sure make me feel loved. To reiterate what I said on Facebook: I want more birthdays for everyone. In lieu of gifts, please consider donating to my Relay for Life efforts. I have lost two more friends to cancer in 2018, not including Jim's father, who had multiple health problems. It's only March. Click here if you wish to donate.  (Of course, those of you who already sent gifts? Thank you, too!) I had a pleasant birthday with my menfolk. Boy actually managed to be off work for a change. We had lunch at Tucano's, one of our favorite special-occasion places, and saw A Wrinkle in Time  at the fancy-schmancy theater with the recliner seats. I tell you, I could get used to that. Then we went shopping and I bought a silly amount of chocolate for myself. And a shower curtain, because I'm exciting like that. The fin

Snippets Catch-up

ME: Why does my phone have 400 pics of you wearing a gray shirt and a quizzical expression? BOY: Huh? ME: ME: I've got at least 40 variations of this on my phone. BOY: Oh yeah! I decided to prank you when you left your phone out lol. ME: Snothead! Next time smile! ----- Olympic snark. (What. This Snippets has been building a while.) I was, of course, working. ME: Olympic opening ceremonies in half an hour on NBC. Try Sling for streaming. BOY: Thank you for the pizza. 😋 ME: Happy National Pizza Day. :) BOY: ...It's not on Sling. ME: Nooooo. What about the NBC app? BOY: I'm able to stream it off NBC's website but idk know long they're gonna let me watch. ME: It's starting! Shiny fireworks. BOY: NBC KICKED ME OFF ME: Noooo! BOY: It won't let you watch the actual ceremony unless you pay. ME: Try clearing your cache. BOY: What? ME: Ask Jim to show you. BOY: Not working. YouTube is not doing it. It's not on YouTube, Sling, Hulu or N