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Dragoncon Schedule

In which I am very, very glad I opted for the latest flight out on Monday. FRIDAY 5:30 p.m. My Favorite Starship Commander is a Woman (I am not kidding, they signed me up for it. Taking nominations now.) 10 p.m. The Little Death: Erotic Horror Moderated by my good friend Fred Grimm. Fred, what HAVE you been up to? SATURDAY 1 p.m. Autograph Session Me and Elonka Dunin. Alas, I shall miss the Baen Books preview. 3 p.m. Reading I'm the warm-up act for Peter David, folks. Whoa. 10 p.m. And Then What Happened? (plots that intrigue readers) Aaah! I'm opposite the Firefly Shindig! We'll talk fast.) 11:30 p.m. Devil and Demons I'm not actually on this panel, but Fred Grimm is, so it should be fun. SUNDAY 4 p.m. Defining the Superhero I'm not on this panel either, but Frank Fradella is, and it should be a great one. 5:30 p.m. I Did It! New successes talk about getting published. Me and three others. MONDAY 11:30 a.m. In a Glass Darkly Creating an unset

Borders Patrol: A Writer's Insanity

Those of you who've tracked my career from the beginning know that NOCTURNE is the first book to achieve national mainstream distribution. The ebooks were available worldwide, but outside of romance, ebooks have yet to really penetrate the mainstream. SETTING SUNS was a small-press release, and bookstores in large part declined to stock it. NOCTURNE is allegedly in every Borders and Waldenbooks in America. That's really amazing to think about, and very humbling. That doesn't mean it's been EASY. Though with the assistance of the Denizens of the Literary Underworld, I have been able to track our progress. Aug. 11: • Preliminary Denizen reports that the book is available in Nashville, Tenn. stores. This is later proven to be a computer error. • A Denizen reports the book's appearance (and purchase) in Seattle, Wash. • Boise, Idaho reports the book as "not yet published." • Borders computers nationwisde list the book at "Nocturne Urges." So does


I have received reports that NOCTURNE has appeared on Borders shelves. Yay! Don't forget to pick up your copy! If they don't have it, ask about it! Let's make Borders think the teeming millions are dying (heh) for my vampires! NOCTURNE Tour Schedule! Aug. 17: Release Chat Party, Wilderness Chat Room, 8-10 p.m. EST Aug. 20: Edwardsville Local Authors Festival, Edwardsville (Ill.) Public Library, 2-5 p.m. Aug. 31-Sept. 4: Dragoncon, Atlanta. Sept. 13: Sleepwalkers Chat, location TBA, 8-10 p.m. Sept. 16: NOCTURNE signing, Borders of South County (St. Louis), 2-4 p.m. Sept. 23: NOCTURNE signing, Borders of St. Peters (Mo.), 2-4 p.m. Oct. 5-8: Archon, Collinsville, Ill. Oct. 28: NOCTURNE signing, Borders of Fairview Heights (Ill.), 2-4 p.m. There may be a few more signings in November; negotiations continue. The next two months are going to be the second-most-grueling time of my life, since of course the day job and mommying continue during all this craziness. But it


Woo! The new T-shirts are up at the CafePress shop! I particularly like, "Proud Member of Diego's Kiss." The designs were created by the brilliant Devin Harris, my wonderfully creative graphic designer. If you ever have need of design services, I strongly recommend her, folks. Please feel free to drop by and check out the stuff! And, if so moved, buy something! Also, don't forget the Edwardsville Local Authors' Festival on Aug. 20! I'll be there 2-5 p.m. at the Edwardsville Public Library. I look forward to seeing you!

another kudos for TANDEM

TANDEM is a quickie with an enjoyable plot. Based around a weekend on a dangerous hiking trail this story is packed with a lot of adventure. Ms. Donald has done a great job building a believable story in a small amount of pages. Ms. Donald has weaved danger, love and humor all in one. In a small amount of time Ms. Donald will have you laughing, crying and full of worry that hero and heroine will make it out of the woods alive. Ms. Donald’s characters are funny yet fearful. This reviewer was drawn in by the heroine’s fear of letting herself go to a stranger. The way Ms. Donald has her heroine withdraw immediately after their sexual encounter is shocking yet touching. This reviewer feels Ms. Donald’s knows her stuff. This reviewer feels TANDEM is a good read for any one looking for a quick story packed with adventure. -- Love Romances In other news, the tour schedule for NOCTURNE is nearly final and the manuscript for INFERNII is almost done with the Tweak Phase. In short, you

Super-Secret Plan for World Domination

Yup. It's about that time, ladies and gents. NOCTURNE is about to hit the shelves of the Borders and Waldenbooks stores in your area. I've pegged the street date at about Aug. 18. That means two things: a) I need your help, and b) PARTY! Let's deal with (A) first. The fact is, NOCTURNE is just one trade paperback from a press that few people recognize right off the bat. Also, nobody's ever heard of me. So I need your help if NOCTURNE is to be a success. And why should you care, you might ask? After all, you already bought NOCTURNAL URGES and A MORE PERFECT UNION. Do you want to know what happens next? Last night I finished the draft of third book. INFERNII. It's a doozy, folks. I made myself cry. I never cry. I got through TERMS OF ENDEARMENT without a sniffle. It's the book that takes this series out of paranormal horror-romance and into straight horror. I personally think it's gonna be a hell of a ride. If you want to see INFERNII in stores, NOCTU