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Our Town

Sometimes you don't realize you've found a happy little liberal enclave until you see it in the PTA. Yesterday the Buzz Book arrived. It's the annual phone directory at my son's school, compiled by the matriarchy of the PTA. You can opt out if you're paranoid, but most of us choose to participate. That way when somebody is crazy enough to invite the entire class to a birthday party or they need volunteers for Open House or you want to set up a play date, people can find you. I've always been happy with the Buzz Book, because unlike many other parent listings I've seen, they have a space for the parent's full name. I can't tell you how often I was "Mrs. Smith" when my son was in preschool, simply because they didn't have a space for my last name. So I was flipping through the Buzz Book, noting the phone numbers for Kiddo's little friends. I scanned his class list, and saw that while 3/4 of his classmates have a mom and dad, ther