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Ways to Amuse Yourself, Halloween Edition

Step 1: Introduce Man to The Walking Dead. Step 2: Enable Man's growing addiction to The Walking Dead by suggesting he watch back episodes every day to get caught up. Step 3: Wait until there is a particularly creepy cliffhanger. Step 4: Hug Man. Step 5: While hugging, make growly noise deep in throat and suddenly lunge at Man's neck. Step 6: Watch Man leap four feet in the air and squeal like a little girl, exclaiming, "Don't do that!" Step 7: Point and laugh. Step 8: Write snarky blog post mocking Man when you know you'd react exactly the same way, plus smacking him. Rinse. Repeat.

A day in the life

"What you plan and what takes place ain't never been but similar." -- Jayne Cobb The plan for a normal Monday was simple enough. Monday is Jimmy's turn to get up at 6:20 a.m. with Boy and supervise his morning routine to get him out the door by 7:15. Then I would nap a little more, getting up in time for me to start my shift at 9:30 as usual. (Of course, my commute is generally a lot shorter than his.) He leaves for work at 1 p.m., so we usually get to grab lunch together. I finish up about 5:30 or 6 p.m. on a normal day, Boy is home by then, we have dinner and Scouts. Added this Monday was an orchestra fundraiser we might or might not attend at 6 p.m. Work has been kicking my ass lately, with seven electoral races on my dance card. The election preview stories are the biggest issue, with in-depth interviews and issues questionnaires from each candidate. Chasing politicians is my new mission in life. I had a pretty heavy Monday slated: writing up two more previe

Archon schedule

If you want to see me at Archon this weekend, you're gonna need a butterfly net. The Literary Underworld booth will be set up and operating from Friday morning until roughly noon Sunday. As is our custom, we will stay open late on Friday and Saturday nights to accommodate shoppers who may be busy with programming during the day. Yes, even during the masquerade! The Underlords in attendance include Michales Joy, T.W. Fendley, Terry Sofian, Jimmy Gillentine and guest of honor Elonka Dunin, though I'm betting Elonka will be a little too busy to work the booth! Sadly, Georgia L. Jones and Sara M. Harvey will be unable to make the show after all. Warning! Jimmy and I have another event on Sunday afternoon, so we will be packing up the booth fairly quickly on Sunday. I know many folks like to wait until Sunday to buy, but I strongly encourage you to get your stuff on Saturday - if we're not rolling out of the Gateway Center by noon, we aren't going to make the Edwardsv