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King of Frakkin' Swords

This book hates me. It wants me to die in a fire. Of course, I have 3912843 other things going on right now and I suspect if I locked myself away somewhere for a long period of time, I might actually get real work done on it. I might even start to enjoy it. But lacking a long period of free time or any creative energy at the moment, I expect I will not enjoy this motherfucker until I'm doing the second draft. Just once, I want to be able to write a book well the first time. In other news, COVER OF DARKNESS is in and preorders will ship after the weekend. Other things are brewing, but I can't tell you yet. Looking forward to Hypericon next week. For now, sleeeeepy. Goodnight, moon.

My Adventures with PRESSURE

I finished up my night shift a little early tonight, and thought I'd do my friend Jeff Strand a solid by picking up a paperback of PRESSURE. It's a terrific book, and Jeff was rightfully nominated for a Stoker for it. I already have the fancy-schmancy hardback, but if I had a paperback, I could read that to smithereens and save my fancy-schmancy for when Jeff has a zillion dollars and nubile slave-girls feeding him peeled grapes and his first Big Break Book is worth a zillion dollars. I went to the horror section, and to my chagrin, there were no PRESSUREs there. Now, I know the terrible stories as well as Jeff. The first week is the most important for a NY-published book, the first month is crucial, and authors whose books don't make it quickly onto the shelves can wind up screwed. There have been authors whose whole careers tanked because bookstores were lazy about stocking the books they ordered. So I proceeded immediately to the information desk and asked if they ha

Relay sale!

Welcome to the post I'm going to repeat so often you'll all hate me by the end of the month! Most of you know I'm a team captain for Relay for Life, the primary fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. We're in the homestretch, and my team is small but mighty. But last year Relays were down by something in the area of 50 percent, and my team didn't make its goal for the first time since our inception. So help me out! I'm scrounging for donations. Even $5 makes a difference, $20 makes even more. And you'll get something out of it. In previous years, I've offered a short story. This year, you get a different short story for every $5 you donate, up to four! Two of them have never been published, even. Please consider donating to my efforts. I guarantee when you stop and think about it, you know someone affected by cancer. Someone who fought it. Someone who died of it. Cancer is the truly universal disease. It knows no boundaries, respects no race,

Dreadmire addendum...

As I have gotten multiple requests public and private... Sorry, I cannot take preorders yet for DREADMIRE, as we don't have pricing information. I'm gratified at all the interest when we haven't even got a cover yet! I may take reservations, but we're not doing that until at least June. COVER OF DARKNESS is taking all our efforts right now, and if I add another preorder Katie may quit, and then where would I be? :) But rest assured - once we have our undead ducks in a row, you'll hear all about how you can buy DREADMIRE...


Almost forgot, didn't ya? Got word today that THE DREADMIRE CHRONICLES will come out in mid-July. It looks like we're going to release the book at Babelcon in Baton Rouge, July 17-19. I'm really excited about this book. It was a real departure for me, doing the sword-and-sorcery thing, and playing in Randy Richards' sandbox was a blast and a half. I think you guys will really enjoy the romp through the swamp. Unknown yet whether I'm going to do a premiere event in St. Louis. I'm considering it, if we can find a way to fit it into the schedule (and budget!) without killing me or driving Katie into the asylum. She's already giving me The Look over our summer: "Baton Rouge in JULY??" Hey, we're Illinoisans. We don't do hot. Welcome to the muck...

The alma mater

I attended my first two years of high school at the Bryn Mawr School for girls in Baltimore. I was a scholarship student, and it was my only experience with private school. We moved the summer after my sophomore year to Martin, Tenn. where I finished high school in public school. But I always loved Bryn Mawr, as the wonderful, progressive and ground-breaking school it was, for its history and inclusiveness and intellectual challenge. I keep my class ring in a special place, and I was glad they allowed me to join the alumnae association even though I graduated elsewhere. Recently they asked me to answer a few questions for an upcoming newsletter on alumnae authors. I rattled something off at about 1 a.m. the night it was due. Just like old times! Ah, the midnight oil burned as I crammed for those history exams... Anyway. I was floored to find the Communique in my mail and see that they gave me an entire page, plus a picture of me and cover art from ABADDON and SETTING SUNS. Whee! I

Preorders almost over!

I am taking preorders for COVER OF DARKNESS only through Sunday! This horror anthology from Sam's Dot Publishing includes my short story "Weathergirl" and comes out on May 10. Cover price is $10 plus $5 shipping, but if you order any other title from me at the same time, shipping's on me. What's that? You want the entire collected works of Elizabeth Donald? Here's what we have in stock: SETTING SUNS $13 NOCTURNE $12 ABADDON $8 Or you can get all three for $30. Toss in COVER OF DARKNESS and it's $40. Bonus: You get them all signed. Also available for $1 each: Buttons! Too many images to upload, but here at the slogans: Aim For the Head I Got Bitten at Nocturnal Urges and All I Got Was This Lousy Button Fire Good, Zombies Bad I Baked You a Halfling, But I Eated It Halfling: The Other White Meat I Don't Drink.... Wine O-Positive: Shaken Not Stirred Paddle Faster, I Hear Banjos Rock Paper Crossbow Show Me Yours and I'll Show You Mine (with sword)

Reader chat!

We haven't done this in a while, and since the anthology's about to come out, I guess it's time for a chat! WHAT: Fan chat WHEN: 7 p.m. Monday, May 4 WHERE: The Wilderness Chat Room (directions below) WHY: For fun! Prizes and silliness will abound. Wilderness Chat Room Directions: a) Go to b) Wait while it loads. This can take a minute. You may see a little coffee cup thinking. c) If it asks you if you trust the applet, you say YES. d) You'll see a little black screen. Click File and go down to Connect. e) It will ask you for a login name and password. You only have to do this step once. Remember your password for the next chat! Join us!