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another nail in the coffin Judith Miller gave in. No, I don't particularly like Miller. And I don't think the story should have run in the first place. So blame Bob Novak, since he ran with it like the good Administration lapdog he is. After that, ignoring the story would have been criminal. Miller never wrote a story, yet spent three months in jail. So now, whistleblowers will see that even sources who are FOR the Administration will be outed once someone issues a subpoena, so telling the press about the evil being done behind closed doors BY the Administration will mean jail or worse. If Nixon were president today, he'd be in no danger whatsoever.

an annoying commercial interruption

"But I don't like ebooks! I'll wait for the paperback." Heard it a hundred times. Yeah, sometimes an ebook just doesn't do it. But you don't have to wait for the paperback, which could be a year or more in the future. I am offering a 9x12 comb-bound printed copy of A MORE PERFECT UNION for $20. That is the actual cost of printing, plus the cover price of the book and includes shipping and handling. I am required by my publisher to charge the full amount. Sorry, folks. The book has a full-color cover and is printed exactly as it appears in the ebook. These were quite popular with the first book, NOCTURNAL URGES, which is also still available for $16. If you're interested, please contact me at Paypal, checks and money orders are accepted, but keep in mind your book will not be ordered until the money is in hand. Sorry, but I don't have the cash flow to front you. Of course, the eBook is available direct from Ellora's C

Book Release!

I am happy to announce that A MORE PERFECT UNION is available as of today from Ellora's Cave Publishing. A MORE PERFECT UNION is the sequel to last year's NOCTURNAL URGES, which won the Darrell Award and was a finalist for the Prism Award. It's an erotic vampire mystery/political thriller. Follow the bouncing genres! Seriously, I had a lot of fun writing this book, and I hope it'll be as fun for you. Along with A MORE PERFECT UNION, today my CafePress shop reopens with more products, new designs, some really cool stuff! Muchas gracias to graphic designer Devin Harris, who accomplished some spectacular work on very short notice. I just wish her "Hard Rock Cafe" takeoff could be offered to you guys, but CafePress apparently is a) chickenshit or b) never heard of the "parody" exception to copyright infringement. I personally once owned a Hard-Rock-style T-shirt with "Ten-Forward" on it

new book coming out

The new NOCTURNAL URGES book will be released on Wednesday at the Ellora's Cave Publishing web site: To celebrate, I'll be continuing my tradition of the release-night chatroom party. Beginning at 9 p.m. CST, I'll be hanging out in my Yahoogroup chatroom and serving up virtual blood punch. If you are so inclined, drop by. To join the chat, go to the group site ( and click CHAT on the left side. It should automatically put you in the chat. And of course, don't forget to buy the book!

The Special Hell

From FIREFLY, the Joss Whedon series: BOOK: If you take advantage of her sexually, you are going to burn in a special level of hell. The level reserved for child molesters and people who talk at the theater. The Special Hell. The poor actor who played Shepherd Book, Ron Glass, has had to field more "Special Hell" comments than any actor ever should. But if there is a Special Hell, it should be reserved for self-proclaimed white separatist Frank Weltner, who has allegedly been seeking donations for Katrina victims and diverting the money to white supremacy organizations. - do NOT give them your money. He has been sued by the attorney general of Missouri, who is also seeking a court order to shut down the web site. Sometimes there are no words. I'm a reporter, for heaven's sake - we have seven men on the front page charged with keeping a fifteen-year-old girl stoned and drugged so they could repeatly rape her. When she finally regained sobriety

Dragon Ladies

DANA: *climbs into bed* ME: I notice we're still sleeping together. DANA: Well, just respect me in the morning. ME: Oh, I better start blogging. The drive from Nashville to Atlanta is just as soul-crushingly long as from St. Louis to Nashville, but has the advantage of absolutely stunning Appalachian scenery. About nine times I wanted to stop the car and haul out the camera, but since I don't feel like dying anytime soon, I decided it would be better to keep driving along the twisting mountain roads between the giant truckers. Yes, gas really is at $3.15 a gallon. I have not seen the rumored Atlanta gas pumps at $5.99 a gallon, because I was momentarily intelligent and topped off the tank in Chattanooga. But I have no doubt these prices exist, state of emergency or no. ME: The thing that sucks about a breakup is that it ruins a song for you. You know, the Song you had with that person. It's ruined from then on. DANA: Or a whole artist. ME: Like *song deleted*. That was m