Photography Non-Fire Sale!

While Archon itself was a great show for me, the art show was, alas, a bust. Possibly this was because I am inexperienced at this and neglected to bag my prints. They are now slightly warped.

This is nothing that would not be solved by putting them in an ordinary frame; the image isn't damaged in the slightest. But I would not feel right about selling them at full price.

So I'm offering them at half price to you folks! Only one of each, so when it's gone, I'll mark it sold. Add $2 for shipping. If interested, email me at

 Of course, all items can be found on the etsy shop! And next show, I will know to bag my prints, especially when it's 200-percent humidity. :)

Angel's Prayer: 8x10 matted 11x17  $15  $7.50

Silhouette Angel: 4x6 matted 5x7 - $6  $3

Lost Girls: 4x6 matted 5x7  $6  $3
Green Cathedral Angel: 4x6 matted 5x7  $6  $3     SOLD
Mourning Angel: 4x6 matted 5x7  $6  $3
Eternal Flight Detail: 4x6 matted 5x7  $6  $3
Cathedral Angel:  4x6 matted 5x7  $6  $3
Glass Angel: 8x10 matted 11x17  $15  $7.50
Warrior Angel:  8x10 matted 11x17  $15  $7.50
Eternal Flight:  8x10 matted 11x17  $15  $7.50
Angel of Death:  8x10 matted 11x17  $15  $7.50