Fright Fest

We're trying to cram all our Halloween traditions into a couple of days, since the Furlough Tour ate so much of October. Yesterday morning it was our trip up to the farm for pumpkins and apple cider before work; today it was Fright Fest at Six Flags.

Fright Fest was the usual array of expensive silliness. We love Six Flags, though we haven't been able to use our membership as much as usual this year. We do not do the extra-cost haunted houses, because we pay enough for our membership as it is. But we loved the zombies, evil clowns and other walk-around critters, the decor and goofy scary fun.

Jimmy and his new best friend, Fluffy.

At least, Jimmy and I did. Ian clutched my hand awfully tight for a young man a foot taller than his mom, and refused to go through the Twisted Circus with us. Seems he still has a thing about clowns. So it was probably mean of me to offer to put my new painting in his room:

A good time was had by all, nevertheless. Though we had a harsh moment: when we foolishly sat down for one of the lame-ass entertainment shows, the cast of "Love at First Fright" broke out in a sanitized rendition of "Timewarp."

See, I am cursed with Rocky Horror Picture Show. The first time I saw it, I was dumped that night. The second time I saw it, I was dumped that night. I was dragged kicking and screaming to one scene of it the third time... with my ex-husband.

Once we heard the song begin, I protested to Jimmy, "We're doomed!" He declared that if we could survive his curse with Olive Garden, we could survive Six Flags' version of Rocky Horror. A friend tried to help: he sent us a magic link to dispel the curse. Never gonna give you up. Rickrolled!

There was only one cure. At the top of the Ferris Wheel, Jimmy re-proposed and I accepted. We'll call that a reboot to clear any possible Rocky Horror virus. Ian altered the tone somewhat by quacking at us throughout the moment.

Tomorrow night we'll watch Halloween, since we can't watch it together on the night itself due to Jimmy's night job. The yard is decorated:

Still missing the evil eyes in the mudroom windows; I know I packed them somewhere...
Ian carved this himself. The student has become the master.

Jimmy's skills are improving.
I love Halloween. Not just because of spooks and silliness and my fondness for things that go chomp in the night; it is a celebration of the macabre, facing the things that scare us - which also robs them of their power. It's simple fun, but it's also psychologically healthy.

Plus, candy.