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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Random Ghost Fact: The SICILIAN Bride

From GHOSTHUNTING ILLINOIS, here's this neat tidbit: It is traditional for a Sicilian woman who dies in childbirth to be buried in her wedding gown. Such was the case for the Italian Bride (so named by people who don't know the difference between Italy and Sicily), who died in childbirth in 1921.

Julia Buccola Petta was buried in her wedding gown. Her mother immediately began having dreams about her daughter begging her for help, pleading that she was still alive. For six years, her mother tried to convince the authorities to exhume her daughter.

Finally, six years after her death, Julia was exhumed. Her body was found in an "incorruptible state" - after six years underground, her body had not decayed at all. Someone took a picture, which is often touted on pro-ghost web sites and books and immortalized in a stone carving on her grave.

Julia was re-interred at Mt. Carmel Cemetery under her life-size statue, still clad in her wedding gown. Of course, people say she haunts the place. No one knows why her body did not decay.

(Note: I think I will give you random ghost facts on this blog from time to time as I continue to research Midwestern ghost history for YELLOW ROSES. Muahahaha. Sleep well!)

a few FAQ

Because I'm getting these in the email....

• SULTRY SUMMER FUN is out on Amazon but Borders says it's not and Barnes & Noble never heard of you! Help!

Yes, SSF is now available on Amazon (and nobody's reviewed it!). Borders is a little slower on the restocking, and they're cutting way, way back on their paranormal romance orders because of some pretty lousy non-Harry Potter sales. If they don't have SSF on the shelves, get them to order you a copy! It doesn't cost you anything extra, and they might order an extra copy while they're at it.

As for Barnes & Noble, Ellora's Cave just struck a deal with them similar to the direct-sales deal they have with Borders. Instead of ordering through Baker & Taylor, they'll order direct from the publisher. Again, however, they won't be ordering the entire catalog, and they will only order me if you ask for me.

Of course, you can always buy from Amazon, or direct from the publisher at (sorry about the link, haven't mastered that in Blogger yet). Shipping is free!

• I never got NOCTURNE and I need to read it before the new book comes out!

You're in luck, because NOCTURNE is on sale at Amazon for $9.99. Now, I'd prefer you waited to buy it directly from me at a convention, but far be it for me to stand in your way! Cerridwen is matching that price for direct sales at with free shipping.


Me too. Sept. 27, folks. It won't be much longer now. Muahahaha.


You first readers were incredibly helpful on the first draft. You also might have noticed a few (dozen) plot holes. And it's too short, and it's not scary enough... etc. At first, I thought I'd spend a few weeks doing some background research and then rewrite it by the end of the summer.

I've fallen into ghostland and I can't get out. It is now clear to me that the research for the new and improved YELLOW ROSES will take the rest of the summer and the final draft will likely take the rest of the year. I sure hope it's worth it. I really feel it will be the best thing I've yet written... when I finally have it written. Thanks for your patience, and I'll keep you posted!

• What about those zombies?

No comment.

Friday, July 13, 2007


A terrific addition to the summer schedule:

I-CON, Aug. 10-12 in Springfield, Ill.!


Borders Express in White Oaks Mall, 2501 W. Wabash in Springfield.
2 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 11

I won't be the only author, either - there should be a slew of us! Author Shane Moore (he's on Myspace, natch) is the man to be held responsible - er, we should thank for this - he organized it all and got me in. I am always amazed at the wonderful friends I have made on the circuit.

AND it looks like SULTRY SUMMER FUN is now available at a Borders near you! Go forth and buy!!!! Okay fine, you could get it on where it's currently ranked in the 155,000s and has no reviews yet saying "TANDEM by Elizabeth Donald is the coolest part of this anthology and her NOCTURNE rocks too so you should go buy her ENTIRE COLLECTED WORKS, baby!" ...

But of course I don't care about such things.*

So.... in closing:

Shane Moore rocks.
So does my friend Katie, for agreeing to be my flunky. Again.
So does, for making my books available.
So does Borders, for ordering my books and giving me a folding chair and a glass of tea to calm my nerves.
So does Frank Fradella, my cool-beans publisher.
I'll even be nice and throw in "Cerridwen Rocks!" because I'm feeling generous that way.


* Um, did I mention you shouldn't actually READ the book? Like, at all? Because, um, yeah. Smut. Hey, I needed the money. It should have "this was written to fund the Atlanta convention trip" on every page.