Furlough Tour: Day Three

Now appearing in Midwestern Illinois: Corn. And lots of it.

Today began in South Bend, where I had a nice event last night. I made the executive decision to cancel Fort Wayne in favor of a photo shoot at the University of Notre Dame, which I knew mostly from its frequent mentions in The West Wing.

It took some convincing for them to let me on campus. I must smell Episcopalian.
It was an astounding and humbling experience, folks. Oh, I'd heard of the Basilica's beauty. But it's different to actually see it. I don't even know of the photos will do it justice - though that won't stop me from posting them. But when I walked in, Mass was going on, and I stopped dead in the doorway because the art and architecture literally took away my breath.

The altar, as viewed from behind the holy water basin. No, this is not during the service. I was raised better than that.
I waited through the Mass, respecting their restrictions and therefore did not receive Communion. (Just in case any of you were going to throw holy water on me.) Then I viewed the reliquary, the central altar, the artwork and frescoes, with my camera on its "discreet" setting which meant I couldn't play with the settings.

 You know what? I can't even tell you. I'll show you.

The central altar, from which Mass is performed. The small red boxes beneath presumably hold relics; not sure which.

The rear altar, with a statue of the Virgin Mary above it.
A close-up of the Mary statue behind the rear altar.
The ceiling above the rear altar, which I cannot seem to rotate in order for you to properly see it. I could not name all the saints pictured.
A close-up of the area beneath the altar. I could not find out which relics these were, but I intend to read more about it when I have time.

Coffeehouse stop in Columbus also netted me a new bookstore to carry my stuff on consignment! If you missed me in Columbus, you can find my stuff at the Book Loft in German Village, which has 32 rooms of books, people.

Now I'll head out for Pittsburgh, because that's tomorrow's signing. Noon at Crazymocha Squirrel Hill - be there! And dinner in Harrisburg, because the next day is NEW YORK!

Missed Opportunity of the Day: The grotto on the campus of the University of Notre Dame is supposed to be absolutely amazing. But I did not have time to find it.
Thanks: to the Book Loft!


  1. The grotto is pretty awesome. I ought to have told you where it was, sorry! Lovely pictures. :) Did you get a chance to take a tour through the museum they have attached to the church? Crazy jewels on stuff... when I went through I had trouble processing them as real because of the size and color. My brain kept going "craft store rhinestones!"

  2. http://campusministry.nd.edu/assets/95973/612075ndbasilicabro.pdf

  3. I had very little time, so I didn't get to see the museum, either. I definitely want to come back to South Bend!


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