Home sweet home


I'm even unpacked, because if I don't unpack within an hour of arriving at home, I'll be living out of the suitcase for a week. That's just the way I roll.

Fortunately I did not have to return to Ye Olde Newspaper today, which gave me a chance to decompress, run some errands and return Falkor the Rental Luck Dragon. Being back behind the wheel of my old Toyota already makes me miss Falkor's high-tech bluetooth system.

Among other things: a pleasant lunch with Jimmy, who says he missed me; a trip to the Genius Bar to get my @#$! iPhone examined - ever since I upgraded to iOS 7 it has been buggy as hell; and wrapped the day with an interview on Digital-Radio103.com with Nikki Palomino. It was a nice chat, though the static made it hard for me to tell if I was talking over her. I devoutly hope not.

Nikki invited me to read from my work, which doesn't usually happen in interviews. I didn't have anything on my desk, but Jimmy scrambled to bring me a Setting Suns. Problem: "Sisyphus" is about 20-25 mins. reading, and I was pretty sure they didn't want to sit through all of that in a live radio interview. So I grabbed a copy of Dreadmire and picked a random scene. It was heavy on exposition, but had enough snark that I thought it would translate well verbally. If you were listening, let me know if that worked for you. If not, and you've read the book, what segment would you suggest?

I neglected wrap-up of the last day: a great signing in Memphis, followed by dinner with good friends of 20+ years, followed by the drive home and going kersplunk at 1 a.m. But there will be a post-mortem on the whole tour, including the top ten things I learned on the road and the tour by the numbers. Backers also should watch their email for more information about the reward packages, which is now my top priority alongside the 345 projects sitting there waiting for my return.

In the meantime, my cognitive function is still at "fire bad tree pretty," so I think Jimmy and I are going to curl up with some Berger cookies I brought from Baltimore and watch The Walking Dead. I hear it's back...


  1. Welcome Home - while you were gone the Cardinals got into the World Series and traffic still sucks in St. Louis! LOL!


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