Dreadmire benefits the real Gulf

So there was this little error at the printer's, and we ended up with a lot of large-print editions of the new book. Now, large print is very nice for folks with limited vision, but large print sales are pretty small, comparatively speaking. Shorthand: We've got a bunch of books on our hands.

After consulting with my publisher, we determined the best use of the books would be to try to benefit the Louisiana wetlands. After all, Dreadmire is a sword-and-sorcery novel, but its worldbuilding is based on the ecology of the bayous. I drew inspiration from an IMAX movie several years ago titled Hurricane on the Bayou, which I strongly recommend for the soundtrack, if nothing else. Hurricane on the Bayou explained the ecological value of wetlands, specifically how they act as a natural barrier for the inland areas from... wait for it... hurricanes. Katrina happened to hit while they were there, and you can guess the rest.

The imbalance of nature is a theme that runs throughout Dreadmire. It is the casual disregard for the life cycle present in nature that causes the horrors that overtake the swamp. When we selfishly take what we want without regard for the consequences, we upend the balance of nature, to end results that may not be easily predicted.

The Gulf Restoration Network strives to protect the Gulf of Mexico, working to protect endangered habitats and species and work with the fishing and tourism industry for safe, sane economic use of the Gulf. I chose GRN because of its strong reputation and a high rating on Charity Navigator as a reputable charity.

Starting today, sales of the large print edition will partly benefit the Gulf Restoration Network. This will apply only to sales through LiteraryUnderworld.com, since I have no control over the sales through other venues. The page on LitUnd has been modified to indicate this and give purchasers the option of buying the regular edition or the large print charity edition.

Of course, if you wish to support GRN, you can find out more about them here.

Thank you for your continued support of my work.