Two Sales and a Chat

News is just bustin' out all over. Can you tell a new book's almost out?

• The "I Hate AirTran" Scratch-and-Dent Sale! Yes, thanks to the charmers at AirTran that managed to destroy my lovely leather duffel bag, the books inside it had some damages. Mostly crinkled covers or scuffing along the spine. My misfortune is your gain!

Starting today through ABADDON's release on Sept. 27, I'm offering damaged copies of SETTING SUNS for $10 and NOCTURNE for $12. Only while the damaged copies last! Once they're gone, it goes back up to the regular price, folks. Order by emailing me at elizabethdonald at yahoo dot com - the web site(s) are still selling undamaged copies at full price.

• The "Make Way For New Shirts" Sale! The CafePress shop will get a complete makeover soon, with a new look, new stuff, new designs and all-new merchandise.

So now's your last chance to get most of the products currently available on the site! Drop over and pick something out, because once it's gone, it's gone!

As always, the YOUR NECK OR MINE? T-shirts are available direct from for $10.

• Starting on Sept. 17, we will have a 10-day countdown to ABADDON! Each day there will be some little hint of what happens in the book, with a trivia question, sent out to the YahooGroup. The first person to answer the question is entered into a drawing for a free copy of the book!

What? You're not a member of the YahooGroup? Silly person. Join at, and you won't miss a thing.

• The drawing will take place during the online release party, which will be.... *drum roll*...

WHEN: 7-9 p.m. CST Thursday, Sept. 27
WHERE: The Wilderness Chat Room *

Giveaways! Trivia contests! Random silliness! Author on Schlafly Pale Ale! C'mon, you know you wanna.

* Directions for the chat room can be found on the "News" page of my web site. They will also be posted on this list before the chat.

Thanks, as always, for your support. I really hope you like the new book. I sure had a good time writing it. Insert evil cackle here.