13 Stories

One of the prizes I gave away last night needs some explanation.

There is a true Elizabeth Donald collectible, believe it or not. My first print publication was in a small Canadian horror magazine called 13 STORIES. It was adorably pocket-sized and had really good stuff. They bought my short story "Silent," and it appeared in 2003. I celebrated like mad - there was little to no money involved, but up until then I had only been published in small online magazines.

Unfortunately, that was the last issue for 13 STORIES. They went bust.

I still have a handful of my contributor's copies. And Mr. Drew Sanford won one in the contest. It's rather appropriate, since I named a major character in ABADDON after him.

If I ever make the big time, the final issue of 13 STORIES will be worth something, I expect. If not, well, it's cute.


  1. I still have a copy of that. It's sitting on my bookshelf right now. <3

  2. No way. You mean somebody actually BOUGHT it? :) I'm floored! Thank you, Leah. :)


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