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Not much progress, but between my aching head and my aching arm and my generally cranky disposition, it's not so bad. I think I need to step it up, though. I'm coming up on the first major change, and I expect that'll slow me down some.

No research today. But tomorrow is the St. Louis RV Show, and I intend to go nose around. I need to get a feel for an RV to really visualize Cat's dwelling place. She is without a doubt the most fucked-up person I've ever written who wasn't a practicing psychopath. I love her so.

Mark, however, is giving me fits. He's such a nice, sensitive guy. Bleech. I think he needs to develop some unattractive personality traits, because right now he's The Perfect Man, and that's just so boring. They're going to be rooting for him to get a bullet to the chest if I don't rough him up a little. Whaddya think, folks? Excessive nosiness? It is a common flaw in reporters. So I'm told.


  1. I always felt that part of the tension of the story is that Mark is the perfect man (for Cat) and that she still keeps pushing him away...

    Yeah, humanize him a bit, everyone needs faults, but if he gets annoying, people might start agreeing with Cat that she's better off without him...
    (maybe, even with faults, he is oh so willing to change for Cat? Yeah, he's a whipped puppy, but because he loves her so much? or, maybe not - I suck at writing relationships that aren't "strongly platonic friends realize they are really in love")


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