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I think I shall set a goal of a minimum of 1,000 words a day. At that rate, I'll be done in less than three months. She said laughing.

Today's research was the St. Louis RV Show. Cat Suarez lives in an RV full-time, and it's a major part of her character. But I'd never been in one. So the boy and I trucked out to the RV show and poked around inside RVs larger than my first apartment and RVs small enough that the eight-year-old and I could barely turn around in them. Took a mountain of pictures.

Most of my questions were answered. Yes, Cat could live quite comfortably full-time in an RV, using the life insurance money from her mother's death (don't know if that little detail will actually be in the book or in my head.) Yes, she can have a landline phone, if she's using an RV park that provides such services. That solves a major problem for me, not so much for the reader.* She can hitch her Jeep behind it easily, and pretty much everything she needs to do to keep it rolling she can do by herself. I got a sense of the inside layout, so the scenes with Mark and the ghost will be much easier to envision.

I don't think Cat would go for the $206,000 road palace, but I'll probably put her in the $117,000 one, just so I have enough space for the stuff I need to have happen in her roving home.

Got through the first ghost encounter, and it's nicely creepy. Didn't do much with Mark's apartment - I think I'll save that for a future scene. No haunting left unturned.

* Seriously, will any reader hear Cat's answering machine go off and say, "But you can't have an answering machine in an RV! That's not realistic! I want my money back!" Conversely, can I really have someone (likely Mark, King O' Exposition) ask, "So Cat, how can you have an answering machine in an RV?" "Glad you asked, Mark! It turns out my RV can have a landline if I'm staying at an RV park that offers such a service! Isn't technology grand?" Someone remind me why I thought being a writer was a good plan for a life.


  1. Poke me if you have any questions about full-timing.


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