The happy parts

Cat knelt beside the gravestone, her gut still twisting, her heart pounding. She didn’t look over her shoulder, trying not to think who would be there. And when her mind turned from the cemetery’s darkness, she felt physically ill, as though Mark had punched her in the stomach instead of gazed on her with anger and hurt. She wanted to turn back time, make things right, fix whatever had gone wrong that began somewhere within herself. Something in her chest felt broken, and for the first time she could recall, the broken edges rubbed against each other, stabbing her from the inside out.

I'm writing the cheerful stuff!

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Cat is quite possibly the most fucked-up heroine I've ever written. Have I said that before? Well, it bears repeating. I love Cat so much.

Tomorrow things get interesting. New scenes. New characters. Did I say tomorrow? I meant Tuesday. Alas, tomorrow is a night shift at the paper. Silly day job, making me work and stuff.

Today's research:

• Microfiche is a generic term for flat-panel negatives of images. Microfilm is the term for the reels of negatives often used in the bad old days to record newspapers for posterity. My editor who always referred to the microfilm reader as "microfiche" was on crack, and librarian extraordinaire Jerianne Thompson was right.

• The Ku Klux Klan has existed in several varieties throughout its disgusting life. At its height in the 1920s, it is estimated as much as 15 percent of America's eligible males were members. It was actually fading by the 1950s, but the civil rights movement gave it a little more "life." Surprisingly, there are twice as many KKK members estimated today as in 1970, but it is not considered a resurgence; mostly just idiots claiming to be a part of it to give themselves some kind of redneck bragging rights. It was not solely a southern phenomenon, but the bulk of its violence took place in the south, where the civil rights moment had its major battles.