Not sure where he got this smart mouth...

BOY: I need to get a job.
ME: Liking that whole "earning money" thing, are you?
BOY: Do you know any places that hire fifteen-year-olds?
MAN: McDonald's.
ME: I think food service is illegal until sixteen. What about the YMCA?
BOY: I could work in the skate center when I'm fifteen-and-a-half with a parent's permission.
ME: That could possibly be arranged, with bribery.
MAN: Fifteen-and-a-half... that's...
ME: Summer.
BOY: A summer job.
ME: The question is, how do you intend to transport yourself to and from work? Does the bike trail go out that far?
BOY: No. *frowns*
ME: The bus?
BOY: Can you drive me?
ME: Well. I think we'd have to arrange some kind of compensation. We are not a taxi service.
BOY: *sigh*
MAN: Soda.
ME: What?
MAN: He buys me a soda, I'll drive him to work.
ME: Man, you're cheap. I'd demand actual cash.
BOY: How about the honor of my presence in your lives?
ALL: ...


  1. My daughter just started her first job at Marshall's yesterday.She's really excited about the employee discount probably as much as the paycheck.

  2. You can work at food service at 15 with parental permission - just about anywhere that is not dangerous. There are forms you must fill out and the school principle has to sign off on it as well - they are not allowed to work over a certain number of hours.


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