Mr. Romantic

HIM: *pokes head up into office* I'm about to go to work.
ME: Uh huh.
HIM: What?
ME: Remember about two hours ago, when I said there was inventory to be done? And you conveniently vanished?
HIM: *grins* Well.
ME: Yeeeeah. There's still inventory to be done. And it has to be done before the convention next weekend.
HIM: We can do it this weekend.
ME: Oh yeah? When?
HIM: Tomorrow, before I go to work.
ME: I'm at the journalism conference tomorrow.
HIM: Oh yeah. Well, Sunday then.
ME: *stares*
HIM: What?
ME: Really?
HIM: ... What?
ME: You forgot.
HIM: What are we doing Sunday?
ME: You really forgot.
HIM: What did I forget?
ME: Uh uh. I'm not bailing you out. You just sit there and remember.
HIM: ...Are we going on a date?
ME: Remember when we decided that we would go on a date every month and take turns as to who planned the date? And remember a month ago, when we realized that Valentine's Day was on a Friday when you're working, and we thought we'd go out Saturday but I had the conference? So we said we'd celebrate Valentine's Day on Sunday, and it's an even month so it's your turn to plan the date?
HIM: Um.
ME: Yeah. Good planning, sparky.
HIM: Well! We'll... we'll ditch the boy, go out to dinner at 54th Street, and then go see the romantic time-traveler movie.
ME: Oh really? And we're paying for it with good looks and charm, of course.
HIM: Of course.
ME: You wanted to do inventory on our Valentine's Day date.
HIM: You are not going to post that, are you?
ME: Oh yes.
HIM: Noooooo!
ME: See, everyone thinks you're the super-romantic Perfect ManTM, and they have no idea that it's all a sham, and you're really the same clueless male as all the rest of the guys who didn't notice the giant freaking Valentine's Day signs for the last six weeks.
HIM: ... I love you.