In which I argue with a dinosaur...

To be fair, I wasn't intending to fire the St. Louis Science Center. Instead, all my friends are fired.

The science center showed Back to the Future in the IMAX theater tonight, and I had no idea it was happening. I would totally have ditched my lame "writing and doing taxes" plans for that, and made an evening of it with the boy.

Of course, I usually receive press releases from SLSC, and follow their Twitter... so it's a tad surprising I missed this. Still, it's a lot more fun to blame my friends on Twitter... forgetting who might be listening.

@edonald: @slsc is showing Back to the Future tonight, and none of you TOLD ME! You're all fired.
@slsc: It's usually pretty hard to to fire a T.rex. Hard to find a replacement. #extinct
@edonald: Fair point. I try never to argue with a T.rex anyway. #yessir
@slsc: Good conclusion. #foodchain

The T.rex is listening...