All right, what's he up to?

I know, this blog has turned into "bizarre things my kid says," but it's that or subjecting you to endless ruminations about car troubles and writer's block.

ME: Hey, spawn. Put away the clean dishes before you go to bed.
BOY: Okay Mom. Thank you.
ME: ... For what?
BOY: Supporting me.
ME: Wha?
BOY: You feed me and give me clothes and a place to live and stuff. You support me. That's awesome.
ME: Okay, what do you want?
BOY: Nothing. I was thinking about that today, that if I was on my own I'd have to pay for all that stuff. That would be really expensive. So thank you.
ME: ... Seriously, what do you want?
BOY: Seriously, nothing. You give me all that stuff just for being your son.
ME: Ooooookay. You're welcome. Put away the dishes.
BOY: Okay. *hugs me*

He is totally up to something. Battening hatches.