The Titans That Clash

Boy's class is studying Greek mythology. They're going to show Clash of the Titans and thus we had to sign a permission slip because it's PG-13. They're showing them the new one.

BOY: Mom!
ME: What.
BOY: Why did you write this on my permission slip?
ME: I wrote my name.
BOY: You said, "Under protest! Too bad it isn't a good movie!" Smiley face, Elizabeth Donald.
ME: That's right. It was a sucky movie.
BOY: It was not!
ME: It was too! It was even bad mythology! Release the Kraken my ass, the Kraken was Norse mythology! You can't teach good mythology with a bad movie!
BOY: It was a bad movie. But we can't watch the original. It had nudism.
ME: Oh my goodness! You might see... boobies! Gasp!
BOY: *helpless giggling fit*
ME: Go to school. And don't tell them I said that.

(Yes, I know the original also replaced Ceto from the Greek myths with the goddamn Kraken. I didn't say the old one was a good movie either.)


  1. Anonymous8:17 AM

    What's mythology?

  2. Anonymous8:49 AM

    You...are so...COOL!

  3. How was the original, with bare boobs, PG and the new one, PG-13 when even the violence was minimal?

    I am confused.
    But hey, awesome Medusa.

    Also have a dfiscussion with him about the movie's rather Nietzschian take that when the worshippers find other gods, the gods lose power, and when the last worshipper dies, the god dies.

  4. We watched the original one in school, but those were such barbaric times (and in such a barbaric school district, too).


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