Giant Update of Dooooom

Hello denizens!

I've got so much stuff going on I need to make a list to keep track of it. So how could I possibly expect YOU could keep up with it? Thus, this helpful post.

• First, I'm going to be on Jon Klement's DragonTalk Radio show tomorrow night! (That's Thursday.) You can listen to the show live as we record it, or check it out later for the recording. We'll talk zombies, the con life and how much I'm going to kill him for forgetting the name of the Literary Underworld during his interview last week with Jimmy Gillentine.

• We'll also have a reader chat on March 16 beginning at 7 p.m. CST in the Wilderness Chat Room. It's been a while since we did this, so as usual there will be ridiculous trivia questions, door prizes and nonsense for those brave enough to show up. Be there! We'll be chatting until 9 p.m. or until I'm the only one left in the room, so come join us!

• The Infinity novella is now available in Kindle, PDF and chapbook! It's a creeeepy road trip to hell, inspired by a summer day in which Jimmy and I got utterly lost on Tennessee back roads coming back from a signing. The PDF and paper chapbooks are available at the Literary Underworld, and you can find the Kindle version on Amazon. If you've already got it, please post a review!

Blackfire's release is roaring toward us like a zombie on steroids! This sequel to The Cold Ones will officially be released at Midsouthcon in Memphis on March 25! I am hoping to arrange a signing or author dinner or something that weekend, so that Memphis folks who aren't going to be at the con will still be able to swipe a copy. Details on this are pending.

In the meantime, preorders are open for Blackfire! If you order the dead-tree version of Blackfire for $11 before March 25, you'll get a free emergency zombie bite kit. If you order Blackfire and The Cold Ones, you'll get the emergency zombie bite kit AND the Infinity chapbook for free! I'm offering this package because I think you'll enjoy Blackfire a lot more if you read the novella that preceded it. That package is only $15, which is pretty much insanely low, and won't be available after March 25. They're only available at, too. The Amazon page has not been put up yet, but I will link when it's there. As always, I'd rather you bought from me, but as long as you buy it... :)

If, on the other hand, you're all about the ebooks... my publisher surprised me by releasing it early via Smashwords! You can get it right now in HTML, Kindle, epub, PDF, Sony Reader, Palm and a bunch of other formats for $5, and if you use the code RAE25, you'll get 25 percent off through March 25!

Finally, we'll be holding a local signing/release event at Afterwords Bookstore on April 1! Afterwords is a terrific store and regularly stocks my in-print titles. I'll have a Facebook event up for this soon. We will also hold a St. Louis-area author dinner so those of you who preordered and declined shipping can pick up your books.

Oh, and you should check out the shiny new website.

• I'm sorry to report that Nocturne and Abaddon are now out of print in their dead-tree editions due to the closure of Cerridwen Press. The parent company, Jasmine-Jade Publishing, continues to offer the ebook versions on its site, but the paperbacks have been discontinued. I have acquired as many copies as I could afford and continue to offer them through Literary Underworld, but when they're gone, they're gone.

• I recently appeared on The Back Seat Producers podcast because they were going to discuss Jaws and I needed to refute cohost Adam Panilla's contention that the movie was "eh, okay." I think I properly defended Mr. Spielberg (call me!) and Bruce the Shark. It'll be posted sometime in the next month, and links will be available when it comes out. Da-dum.

• Guess what? Blackfire isn't my only book this year. New Babel Books will release two more of my books this year. Look for a science fiction adventure tentatively titled King of Swords this summer, and another short-story collection titled Moonlight Sonata in the fall! It's going to be a busy year, to say the least. I'm looking forward to working with the fine folks at New Babel again - they were the great press that did Setting Suns - and I'm in very good company. They've signed deals with Shane Moore, Sean Taylor, Yaya Han and Sara Harvey, to name a few. Look for more on these projects in the coming months.

Keep watching my web site and Facebook for updates and pending conventions/appearances! It's a busy time here in the Literary Underworld, for me and for my authors. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy creating it for you.