podcast, podcast, roly poly podcast...

What, you don't get enough of my yammering here? Too bad!

• I'm the first guest in a two-parter for DragonTalk Radio, talking to the inestimable Jon Klement about zombies, The Cold Ones, the con lifestyle, zombies, Literary Underworld, Blackfire and zombies. Jon is, as always, a very genial host and a lot of fun to chat with. Even if I end sentences in prepositions and he forgets the name of the author cooperative in which he is a MEMBER. (No, Jon, ain't lettin' it go till I see you and smack you.)

• I was the guest commenter with the Back Seat Producers a few weeks ago, when they spent the hour discussing Jaws. I think I did a good job defending Bruce the Shark and Mr. Spielberg himself. As per usual, the conversation... uh, wandered. (The shark as a metaphor for male impotence?) This might have been helped along by the excellent rum served by Tony Mast, who is zookeeper of the BSP. Seriously, I had a lot of fun and would gladly return the next time they're doing a movie I've actually seen.

As always, I encourage you to leave comments on these things, if only to indicate you're actually reading/listening.

In the meantime, we're madly dashing about preparing for the Blackfire premiere this weekend in Memphis. Meep! That means you only have a few days left for the preorder package. And the following weekend – April Fool's Day, to be precise – we will have a local premiere event at Afterwords Books in Edwardsville!

What, me busy?