Midsouthcon T-minus One

Oh, Extended Stay. We had a good run, you and me. You were all seductive, with your kitchenettes that made it possible for me to eschew budget-killing restaurants and your awesome $35-a-night prices. I've done half my tours from your hotels, rather uncomfortable but still with the cheap.

So as has been my practice, I booked a night in the local extended stay place for the night before the show, saving myself $60 by not adding a night to my stay at the Hilton. QED. Except on my way to Memphis today, I called the hotel to tell them we were running late and they told me they had no reservation for me.

Whahuh? No reservation? But you've already taken my money! I saw it deducted from my account this morning! No, that reservation was for two days ago, and you were a no-show, they told me. That may be what their computer says, but I know what day I clicked. Too bad, they're full up tonight, they said.

So I found myself twenty minutes from the author kaffeeklatsch and with nowhere to stay for me and the Spawn tonight. Oh yes, there will be a letter to Extended Stay. I am an exceptionally good customer and if they don't refund my money, I will take my 30+ hotel nights per year and give them to La Quinta. They let me earn points toward free nights, anyway.

Fortunately, I have awesome friends. The Tylers hosted me and the Spawn over my protests, but since Extended Stay had already swiped the money for the room I didn't get, it was "accept their generous offer" or "find a no-tell motel for $30 off the interstate." I chose the more pleasant option.

The kaffeeklatsch went very, very well. My publisher showed up with the books - which are shiiiiiny - and a good handful of folks came by to say hello and shoot the breeze. Everyone had a good time and those who showed up got a free INFINITY for their trouble. We're going to do these more often, methinks.

And now I am very sleepy, having spent the last hour shutting down the preorders, updating the web site, designing new posters, finding a local Kinkos and contemplating killing whoever programmed Extended Stay computers. Here's hoping tomorrow goes as well as the kaffeeklatsch... and that I have a hotel room waiting for me.