Coming out at the end of the month: Blackfire, the sequel to my bestselling zombie novella The Cold Ones. And we really want you to preorder this book, so we're offering a whoooole bunch of freebies.

• Order Blackfire before March 30, and you'll receive a free emergency zombie kit!
• Order both The Cold Ones and Blackfire, and you'll also receive an autographed chapbook of the chilling novella Infinity. And you'll get them for less than cover price – only $15 for all four items.

Preorders are only available through The Literary Underworld. Buy today! Don't miss this deal!

Sara Harvey just wanted to be left alone, listening to the voices of the sea. Washing the blood from her hands.

But duty calls her back, to a new team still learning to fight the things that go chomp in the night. They will give Sara one last mission, one way to quiet the voices. One chance at redemption.

It should have been nothing, a minor problem on the dark cobblestone wharf in Memphis. But long-quiet voices return, and the evil Sara thought she defeated rises to claim still more of those she leads. The Cold Ones are rising again, and in their path, no one is safe.

The dead know no peace... and they are coming for Sara Harvey.

And check out the awesome new website!


  1. Anonymous12:33 AM

    Cool new website!

    I have a preorder problem though - I already have The Cold Ones, so I'd like to just preorder Blackfire (and a dead-tree copy of Infinity), but I'm only seeing a link for the preorder package... Am I missing the preorder link for just Blackfire?

  2. What, you don't want two copies of THE COLD ONES? :) Go to, and you'll find preorders for just BLACKFIRE.


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