Relay sale!

Welcome to the post I'm going to repeat so often you'll all hate me by the end of the month!

Most of you know I'm a team captain for Relay for Life, the primary fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. We're in the homestretch, and my team is small but mighty. But last year Relays were down by something in the area of 50 percent, and my team didn't make its goal for the first time since our inception.

So help me out! I'm scrounging for donations. Even $5 makes a difference, $20 makes even more.

And you'll get something out of it. In previous years, I've offered a short story. This year, you get a different short story for every $5 you donate, up to four! Two of them have never been published, even.

Please consider donating to my efforts. I guarantee when you stop and think about it, you know someone affected by cancer. Someone who fought it. Someone who died of it. Cancer is the truly universal disease. It knows no boundaries, respects no race, religion, creed or background. But it CAN be beaten.

Go buy yourself a short story, and help give someone a second chance at life.

Donate by clicking here. Then email me at and let me know you've donated, and I'll email you your stories.

Thank you!