The alma mater

I attended my first two years of high school at the Bryn Mawr School for girls in Baltimore. I was a scholarship student, and it was my only experience with private school. We moved the summer after my sophomore year to Martin, Tenn. where I finished high school in public school.

But I always loved Bryn Mawr, as the wonderful, progressive and ground-breaking school it was, for its history and inclusiveness and intellectual challenge. I keep my class ring in a special place, and I was glad they allowed me to join the alumnae association even though I graduated elsewhere.

Recently they asked me to answer a few questions for an upcoming newsletter on alumnae authors. I rattled something off at about 1 a.m. the night it was due. Just like old times! Ah, the midnight oil burned as I crammed for those history exams...

Anyway. I was floored to find the Communique in my mail and see that they gave me an entire page, plus a picture of me and cover art from ABADDON and SETTING SUNS. Whee!

If you care at all, here's what I had to say. I'm on page six. A touch flowery, perhaps, but I've done far, far worse at 1 a.m. Much of it at Bryn Mawr.

I have got to get my ass back to Baltimore some day, if only to visit the old girl and say hello.