King of Frakkin' Swords

This book hates me. It wants me to die in a fire.

Of course, I have 3912843 other things going on right now and I suspect if I locked myself away somewhere for a long period of time, I might actually get real work done on it. I might even start to enjoy it. But lacking a long period of free time or any creative energy at the moment, I expect I will not enjoy this motherfucker until I'm doing the second draft.

Just once, I want to be able to write a book well the first time.

In other news, COVER OF DARKNESS is in and preorders will ship after the weekend. Other things are brewing, but I can't tell you yet. Looking forward to Hypericon next week. For now, sleeeeepy. Goodnight, moon.


  1. Anonymous5:26 PM

    It's not the same pain, but I know your pain. I've spent the last six months polishing and reading and having read and working on the query and synopsis for my first book. I decided last fall it was well beyond time I got serious and did something about that book. It's worn me out.

    I'm sick and tired of that story. Right now, I just want it gone. Out of the house and out of my hands.

  2. Just once, I want to be able to write a book well the first time.

    Not to be negative or anything, but is that even possible? A short story, maybe, but not a book. Not that I don't have the same wish. At least you enjoy second drafts. I have yet to fully learn how to do that.


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