Dreadmire addendum...

As I have gotten multiple requests public and private...

Sorry, I cannot take preorders yet for DREADMIRE, as we don't have pricing information. I'm gratified at all the interest when we haven't even got a cover yet! I may take reservations, but we're not doing that until at least June. COVER OF DARKNESS is taking all our efforts right now, and if I add another preorder Katie may quit, and then where would I be? :)

But rest assured - once we have our undead ducks in a row, you'll hear all about how you can buy DREADMIRE...


  1. *waits somewhat patiently*

    We don't want to upset the Katie...

    All hail the lovely and talented Katie!


  2. Anonymous9:57 AM

    Why is Spellbinder so quite about this?Its their book, they should offer pre-sale information. Odd the web site is dead now and the only person talking about is the writer.


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