Swamp Thing!

We're through the fairy scene. This is officially the hardest thing I've ever written. Why, God, why? It's not that it's bad - there's a bit too much head-hopping and passive tense, but that's stuff I can edit later in the process. It's not the characters - they're starting to take shape. It's not the plot, the structure or the worldbuilding.

All of it is good. I read the outline I put together and I'm just as fascinated and excited as I was when I decided to take the job.

I wanted to say things about respecting the balance of life and death in the natural world, about the balance of emotions between people... Dreadmire is about balance and the disaster that comes when that balance is disrespected. I was exploring the naturalist-environmentalist side of myself with this.

Character-wise, the entire concept comes from a song I heard once, a song that seemed to be about a woman in love with a man who doesn't even see her as a woman, a man seeking a faraway love he'll never truly have. If I hadn't gotten the contract for Dreadmire, it would have been a postapocalyptic journey through a ravaged futuristic country instead of a haunted, demon-ridden swamp... but it would have been the same story.

So why is every word like pulling teeth with a fistful of razor wire?

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
14,812 / 50,000

25 days to the Emerald City. 1,400 words per day. Kill me now.


  1. You can do it.

    You will do it. For yourself. For Kiddo.

    And 1400 is not quite 4 pages. You can write 10 and 20 pages in a day when you want. You type fast.

    Am always available on AIM for butt-kicking and hand-holding.


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