Dragoncon, cont.

• Frank Fradella has his DragonCon set up and they're beautiful. I don't know how his photos look so shiny! There's a handful with me in them, but don't let that stop you. Go look!

• Russ Matthews' photos are also here, with extra emphasis on the parade. I have never seen the parade. I mean to every year... No, I do not have Russ' author shots of me yet. Trust me, you'll be the eighth or ninth to see them when they're here.

• Gail Martin's video blog features a brief interview with me and John Everson, found at this link at the 4:40 counter mark. Listen to me be incredibly boring describing my books! With very, very bad hair!

The part what was cut:

ME: And you can find me at www.elizabethdonald.com, where you will find links to everything I've ever done.
JOHN: Everything?
ME: Well, almost everything.

I thought it was funny.

You can see the other two videoblogs Gail did at Day One and Day Two.

• What do I wish I'd gotten on film? The Shanes breaking into song in questionable harmony on a regular basis. Those two have been perfecting their act for decades.