Calling all writers!

Published or unpublished, whatever your genre, it is our obligation to support

Ralan is a FREE site that does better than anyone, including Writer's Market, at finding good, solid markets for speculative fiction and weeding out the scams. Personally, I think a scam that targets unpublished, new writers is about as low as you can get without clubbing baby seals. If you're gonna steal, steal from somebody who actually HAS money.

Ralan is FREE. Did I mention that? You don't have to pay $29.95 a year to access his listings, which helpfully point out the semi- and pro markets, the paying markets and "for the luv," which is pretty much how we all got started. He tells us how long we'll have to wait for an answer and knows faster than anyone when a market goes dead, so you're not submitting to guidelines lingering on a site no one is reading.

RALAN IS FREE. Help keep it free. Without Ralan, I honestly don't know where we'd go for listings. Can you think of any other clearinghouse for Places to Sell Your Stuff?

Ralan's annual fundraiser is half over and has raised only 14 percent of goal. We can do better than this. Recommended donation is $10 or 7 euros. DO IT.