Random Thoughts While Writing Swamp Thing

As in, "Things I'm Going To Forget to Blog About."

• Note to self: do not hum along with Dreadmire playlist at Starbucks. Everyone else is hearing different music, dumbass.
• Oh, this is just awful. Kancethedrus speaks "neutrally" twice in as many paragraphs. Were you conscious when you wrote this?
• How many times can Dreadmire be "horrifying," "horrid" or "dank"? We need a thesaurus. Also, is "driving rain" really necessary, Cliche Girl?
• Kancethedrus is too sappy. I suck at writing love.
• We can't say will-o-the-wisp. Dreadmire is not in Ireland. Spooklights?
• I need to make up an elvish word that means "brother of choice" or "family of choice."
• Emo boys are emo.
• My god, the dialogue sucks. The description ain't too hot either.
• But boy, did I just hurt him.

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