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By the way, going back and reading your own published work is NOT recommended. You will see all the places the publisher took out perfectly good commas and that place where you used the same descriptive phrase twice in the same paragraph, and there's nothing whatsoever to be done about it.

Research Today:

• When shooting a major structure fire at night, you would still use a flash if you had firefighters in the foreground. Otherwise, they would not be clearly visible. The real key is the camera - some cameras can autofocus at night with varying light sources and some can't. It's a crapshoot.
• Diptheria was a very gross disease, and definitely still around in the early 20th century.
• A disturbing side trip that ended with the Wikipedia entry on the penis of the Mad Monk Rasputin, and I wish I could scrub THAT from my brain.


  1. Does Cat use a regular film camera or a digital? Digitals these days (the more expensive ones) tend to deal better with low light situations naturally, than older film cameras. Also - setting the ISO (shutter speed) higher, the 400 - 1200 range, allows the camera to grab sharper pictures in low light situations. Do keep in mind that if she is shooting images of the fire fighters (or anything for that matter) in front of the fire, without a flash they will come out as silouhettes - if that's what she's going for, great, if not - she needs to use a flash.

    As for Diptheria - I work in public health and have medical texts about the course of the disease, when the first vaccine came out, etc. Let me know if I can provide research notes.

    Rasputin's penis... Oh sheesh - you know it's been a long couple of weeks when the first comment that came to mind was "well, is it detachable?" *headdesk*


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