Yellow Roses report

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8,043 / 90,000

Seems like I'm rolling, right? Heh. This is the EASY part. I haven't gotten to the WHOLE NEW FREAKIN' CHAPTER yet.

Tonight's Research:

RVs: Medium-sized RV show in St. Louis next month. Planning to attend so I can poke around a big residential-size RV without being expected to buy one.
Asphalt: consulted old stories on REAL asphalt plant that caught fire twice in one year. I don't know if I'll stick with this technology. Can they sue me? Any other kind of factory that's prone to ginormous fires?
Don't want to choose a denomination for Rev. Quinn's church, but I may have to. "Trinity" just isn't enough. Should I insult the Lutherans or the Presbyterians?


  1. It could be an ammunition plant -- either ammo for personal weapons or military-grade ordnance. Fires and random explosions come with the territory at those places.

  2. Use Lutheran... my understanding is that the Lutheran church has become more liberal over time - but probably would have harbored stricter sentiments during the historical period you're writing in.

    Also - oil & chemical plants tend to have explosions and fires all the time - at least here in the Delaware Valley we're always dealing with refinery fires, and other chemical "oopses"... must happen once every 3 months... nothing really serious - but odds of something big happening wouldn't surprise me...

  3. I just happened to see something recently about a fireworks plant in China that was always having explosions. That seems like it might be something spectacular.


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