Random Ghost Fact: The Mississippi Queens

In 1872, the massive Iron Mountain sternwheeler left New Orleans with an entire flotilla of barges and 55 crew and passengers. It was last seen turning a bend in the river. The barges were found floating on the water by the steamer Iroquois Chief, following not far behind. The tow rope had been cut, not broken.

But the boat was far too large to simply sink. The water was too shallow to hide the Iron Mountain's massive bulk. But no wreckage has ever been found.

In 1873, the Mississippi Queen riverboat left Memphis on April 17. That's the last anyone heard from it. The steamboat and all its passengers were never seen or heard from again.

Pirates? Possible - there were many river pirates working the water then. But how do you make an entire steamboat disappear in a matter of hours? This is not the Bermuda Triangle we're talking about, with unknown depths to hide its secrets. This is the Mississippi River, artery of the country, but there are lakes deeper than this waterway.

Many say the voices cry out on the river at night. A woman's voice, pleading in French - the language of many of those traveling the river.


  1. Anonymous8:58 PM

    Didn't know that. . .very very creepy.

    Maybe we have a Bermuda triangle-like spot on the Mississippi river??

    Yep, definitely creepy.


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