Big Times in Writers' Lives

I tell you, sometimes it really pays to read the blogs before sleep comes.

This past weekend, the marvelous force of nature known as Sara M. Harvey was finishing a panel at Pi-Con when her fella hopped up to the dais, fell to one knee and popped the question before the world. Naturally, the squees have been echoing among those of us who know Sara, a terrific friend and wonderful writer whom my son has dubbed The Glitter Lady because of her habit of wearing sparkly makeup.

And as I clicked off of the pictures of Sara's beautiful engagement ring, I dropped by Brian Keene's blog for a quick read before sleep.

Well well well. Though I'm quite sure he doesn't read me, congratulations, Brian. Seems the Zombie King himself is going to be a father at the age of 40. Let's all start taking bets on how many stuffed Cthulus and "Horrified B-Movie Victims" will grace the baby shower.

(This is a roundabout way of saying you'd better catch Brian at his signing this Saturday, because he's canceling the rest of the year just like any other nervous expectant father. He's human after all, who'd a thunk it. :))

Things are always changing, and that's usually a good thing. For writers, change is scarier than any monster we can dream up, because any change could mean the stories stop coming, and that's the thing we all fear. The Muse doesn't always sing, and sometimes her mumbles aren't enough. Believe me, I know.

But as Stephen King wrote in his autobiography, you put the desk in the corner of the room for a reason. Life isn't a support system for art; it's the other way around. Food for thought, in between the happydances and toasts in honor of Sara's engagement and Brian's impending Little Stranger. Zod bless.


  1. "Though I'm quite sure he doesn't read me, congratulations, Brian."

    Thanks! We really appreciate it. (And see? You never know who's reading). :>)

  2. I'll be damned. *waves hello* Enjoy yourself on the big adventure, Brian. :)


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